Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Tube Democratic Debate

WHY DO MOST DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES THINK THAT PEOPLE SHOULD VOTE FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY PROMISE BENEFITS FOR THEIR RACE AND GENDER? I think that the Presidential Candidates should promise equal rights to all genders and races! I our country gives black people compensation of some sort for their ancestors being slaves that would be discriminating. For Example, say we give black people a discount at the grocery store, black people would still be discriminated against. Imagine your a black person standing in line to check out at your local grocery store, the person in front of you is black, and the person behind you is white. When the person in front of you starts checking out you hear the cashier say: "would you like the black discount?" Suddenly you realize that this discount that allows you to get your groceries at a cheaper price is really just another method of discriminating against you. Also, how can you hold today's white citizens responsible for the slavery some of them helped end?

To view the questions asked, and the candidates responces click here.

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